Meet the Creator...

   My art is manifested with the emotions carried  through my experiences. 

Born in Haiti, my culture is my pride.

My first memories of life and the power of art come from when my toes touched the soil of my homeland…  

I followed my father’s footsteps as an artist and found my escape through the canvas.

He used his artistic ability to lead my family to the states during my early adolescent years.

My mother’s nurturing led me to the freeing of my spirit and the development of my abundant love for the people.

My life experiences were an array of spiritual spirals from metaphysics, to bible studies and becoming an ordained minister. 

 My beliefs are a free-flowing combination of all of the different paths of Eastern and Western faiths that I have studied.

I transfer all that I’ve learned about the power of healing energies into my art so they can be healing pieces for other beings. 



a reflection of our inner truths, crafted by imagination, reflected into our outer world.  

I’ve watched how my thoughts have become tangible, my affirmations have become my realties.

I live through my art which I have created to be a treasure for others. 

My heart has a passion to paint, write, heal, and love for as long as it continues to beat. 


 My art is power

My art is truth...

I am Regine Jean-Louis.

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